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Princess Wei Young 錦綉未央 Ep 49 [RECAP]

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Chang Le receives a letter from Chang ru, and she rushes to the hut that Chang Ru is staying at. Her maid takes out the guards at the hut, and Chang Ru opens the door to welcome her.

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Chang Ru asks Chang Le if she is happy losing Tuo Ba Jun’s heart to Wei Young, and Chang Le laughs manically that there is nothing else she can do. Chang Le says that she wants to destroy Tuo Ba Jun for playing her, unlike how Chang Ru is in the dumps because of Tuo Ba Yu. Chang Ru is shaken by Chang Le’s words.

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When the maid questions if she is really going to seek revenge on TBJ, Chang Le slaps her in response.

Back in the hut, Rong’er urges Chang Ru not to listen to Chang Le. But Chang Ru thinks about what Chang Le has said, and how Wei Young hasn’t done anything, but has gotten the love of TBY.

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The door opens, and Tuo Ba Yu walks in. He knows that she has managed to contact Chang Le. Chang Ru assures TBY that she will not betray him, and he replies that he will get whatever he wants – including Wei Young.

TBY wants CR to pack up and move, so that she can’t be contacted by anyone else. But Chang Ru tells TBY that by contacting Chang Le, she wanted to make sure that CL would be responsible for TBJ’s demise.

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The masked man who massacred the manor turns out to be Chi Yun Nan! He calls TBY master, but TBY doubts whether or not he really deems him as his master.

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CYN says that he made WY the scapegoat because he wanted to ruin Wei Young, but TBY tells him not to touch her. CYN clenches his fists angrily, but has no choice to agree. TBY tells CYN to get closer to Chang Le, because she would be useful for their plans.

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TBY is assured that all the records in the manor had been destroyed, and there would not be any evidence that would incriminate TBY as the cause of the Tai Zi’s downfall.

CYN contacts Chang Le’s maid, Hong Luo. She pledges her allegiance to him.

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Li Min De and Wei Young meet in the palace, and the Princess comes along. The Princess calls him affectionately, causing him to be embarrassed. He lets her follow him out to investigate the case.

At the market outside, Li Min De buys the Princess a bracelet.

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The Princess and LMD meet TBY investigating the scene of the crime. TBY advises LMD to go back to Rou. Three of them enter the manor.

LMD and the Princess accidentally touch lips when he catches her fall, and the Princess says that it’s the second time already haha.

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Wei Young is searching the place as well, and notices a loose handle. She is about to open it, when TBY enters. She tries to leave, but TBY stops her and pulls the handle.

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This opens a secret chamber, and WY runs in. TBY follows her in. She finds a lot of scrolls and records, and TBY accidentally locks them in.

The room is booby-trapped, and WY and TBY are attacked by arrows and closing walls. From the outside, TBJ holds on to the handle, and LMD and TBJ try to stop the catch from closing.

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As the walls close in on them, TBY tells WY that dying for her would be the proudest moment of his life.

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The Princess finds the catch, and this releases the traps. The walls start to move back in. TBJ opens the trap, and finds WY holding TBY, with TBY bleeding from the shoulder.

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Everyone enters the room, and WY tells TBJ that lots of records were found. TBJ orders the records to be taken out, and TBY grows anxious.

As they are moving the boxes, the boxes are lit on fire by masked men shooting lit arrows. TBJ is frustrated.

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WY, LMD, TBJ, and the Princess discuss the case. TBJ thinks back on the day the manor was attacked, and is sure that the records have to do with his father’s death.

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Chang Le receives a letter from CYN. She goes to the forest, and is shocked that he is alive. CYN tells her that the only way for revenge on Wei Young is to support TBY to the throne. Chang Le promises to help CYN, saying that she doesn’t care that she is his wife. Her sole objective is to destroy him.

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Cheng De and Jun Tao wait for a messenger (they look so obvious). They receive a note to meet the messenger.

Cheng De tells Jun Tao to wait, and he goes to buy earrings for her. Turns out she doesn’t have earholes though HAHA.

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Cheng De delivers the news to TBJ, and they are witnessed by Hong Luo.

Jun Tao wears the earrings, and CD is so happy.

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Cheng De and Jun Tao go into the woods to meet the person, and their messenger says that on the night of the accident, he was caught by masked men, barely escaping with his life. He passes an object to them, saying that the master of the manor would have wanted it to be passed to them (as a clue).

Before the messenger can continue, he is killed by an arrow. Jun Tao and Cheng De are attacked by an entire group of masked men.

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 11.31.29 PM.png

CYN recognises Jun Tao, and they engage in a fight. He is about to pierce his sword into Jun Tao, when Cheng De rushes in front to protect her, and is stabbed instead.

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