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Princess Wei Young 錦綉未央 Ep 50 [RECAP]

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Jun Tao and Cheng De are attacked masked men. Li Min De arrives in the nick of time to save them, and the masked assailants scatter.

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Tuoba Yu is furious that Chi Yun Nan failed his mission, and that Cheng De even managed to meet the messenger. Chi Yun Nan assures TBY that he will settle Cheng De.

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Hong Luo relays to Chang Le that CYN needs her help in getting rid of Cheng De, and they prepare to visit him. Chang Le charges into the room, and her maid secretly puts some powder into medicine.

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Chang Le insists on feeding Cheng De the medicine – fortunately, Cheng De knows that she has already poisoned the medicine, and purposely swipes it away.

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Tuoba Jun comes, and orders Chang Le to go off. Cheng De passes the token from the messenger to TBJ.

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TBJ, LMD, Wei Young, and JT are discussing. JT says that she is very sure that the masked man was Chi Yun Nan, and they deduce that he must be working for TBY. This makes TBY linked to the death of TBJ’s father, the Tai Zi.

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TBJ wants to confront TBY, but is stopped by WY. TBJ cannot understand how anyone could be so ruthless, just for the throne. Wei Young calms TBJ down, and they decide that WY and JT will find the record books, while LMD and TBJ would try to lure Chi Yun Nan out.

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They decide not to tell the Princess what is happening, because she’ll be torn between TBY and TBJ.

TBJ lunches with Chang Le, when Cheng De comes by to whisper to TBJ. TBJ says he has an urgent matter, and leaves. Cheng De and TBJ discuss loudly that there is another record book at a temple, and are aware that Chang Le is eavesdropping. They say that they are going to the temple tonight.

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Hong Luo reports this to CYN, and he decides that even without TBY’s approval, he will prevent TBJ from getting the book that night. He agrees for Hong Luo to follow.

At night, LMD, CD, and TBJ arrive at the temple. From a distance, HL and CYN observe.

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Before HL and CYN enter the temple, he tells Hong Luo that if anything happens that night, he can only trust her to take care of the Chi Yun family.

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TBJ gets a book from the temple master, and as expected, they are attacked by CYN upon leaving. TBJ throws the book at CYN, and he is shocked that it’s just a bunch of blank sheets of paper. Instantly, an army of men rush out, and CYN is surrounded.

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CYN puts up a fight, but the sheer number of men overpower him. He is stabbed everywhere, and this is witnessed by Hong Luo. She wants to help him, but he orders her not to.

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With CYN cornered, TBJ demands answers from CYN, but he is tight-lipped. He doesn’t understand why they will be so ruthless just for power. TBJ says that they will bring him to the Emperor the next morning.

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But as they are leaving, an arrow pierces through CYN. He dies on the spot. TBJ howls in frustration.


In the background, HL sobs and runs off distraught. She has always loved CYN, and wanted to accompany him forever. She cries by a stream, and vows revenge on Wei Young and Tuo Ba Jun.


After killing CYN, TBY’s servant reports the deed to TBY. TBY knows that TBJ is on his case, and smirks that he is reado fight them.


Back at their base, TBJ grows agitated as all the clues point towards TBY’s doing, confirming that TBY was behind his father’s death. Jun Tao reports that she had asked areas around, but the messenger had always been a solitary person. He would probably not have any friends or relatives around.


The next morning, CYN’s corpse is brought in front of the Emperor. The Emperor questions why CYN had been alive until recently, and TBJ explains that a “noble” (referring to TBY) had helped to hide CYN. CYN had become this noble’s assassin, and the recent spate of murders were at the noble’s orders.


TBJ tells the Emperor that he suspects that this recent spate of events is linked to the death of the Tai Zi, and pleads for the Emperor to reinvestigate the case.

TBY remarks that he was totally unaware of CYN, even though they were supposed to work together. TBY continues that just having a corpse is not enough to prove a link to the noble, the massacre of the manor, and even the Tai Zi’s death.


The Emperor agrees. TBJ doesn’t have any evidence to offer to the Emperor, and TBY rubs salt, saying that TBJ is too eager to cover up for Wei Young. The Emperor buys it, and scolds TBJ for being too emotional.

In front of the Emperor, TBJ accuses TBY for the various offences. TBY remains unfazed, and pleads his innocence. The Emperor is furious that they are fighting with each other, and order both of them to leave.

TBY asks for more time to investigate the case, and the Emperor agrees to give them 3 more days. If there are no more leads in 3 days, the Emperor can punish them in any way.


Wei Young tells TBJ that accusing TBY in front of the Emperor puts them in disfavour, but TBJ says that he could not tolerate TBY’s arrogance.

TBY laughs that for the throne, no one is innocent, including the Tai Zi.


Chang Le is shocked that CYN is dead. TBJ storms into Chang Le’s room with lots of guards. He reveals that he knows that she was his mother’s murderer, and she asks for evidence. She insists that it’s Wei Young, and tells TBJ to kill her if he has evidence. Chang Le knows that TBJ doesn’t have evidence to prosecute her, and he puts her under house arrest. She resists, throwing curses at TBJ as he leaves the room.


The Emperor asks his head Eunuch who should be the next Crown Prince, because he wants to calm the people. The Eunuch replies that he cannot differentiate between TBY and TBJ, but the personality of TBY is more alike to his own. The Emperor remarks that TBJ is too emotional, and not grounded enough.


Wei Young brings TBJ on a walk in the gardens, and shows him the bells that she hung up as part of her Liang traditions. WY tells her ancestors that their murderer is now dead, and tells them to rest in peace. TBJ tells his parents that he has found who their murderer is, and not to worry about it.


Wei Young tells TBJ that they will always be together, and the bells chime.


LMD, TBJ, JT, and CD discuss their next plans. They are not sure what the stone means, besides being linked to the manor. TBJ decides that he and WY will look at the manor again, LMD will gather information in court, and JT and CD will observe TBY.

TBY plays checkers, and his servant reports to him that the Emperor currently favours him. TBY is sure that after 3 days, when TBJ cannot find anything, the Emperor will know again how emotional TBJ is. TBY says that if they are unable to prevent their investigation, they can create trouble for them instead.


In court, many old officials plead for the Tai Zi’s case to be reopened. As more officials plead for the Emperor to reconsider, TBJ joins them. The Emperor agrees to reinvestigate the case.

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TBY asks TBJ if he had planned this, and TBJ says that TBY has underestimated how much the Emperor regrets the Tai Zi.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 11.24.33 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 11.25.18 PM.png

TBY tells TBJ that he is ready for the challenge, but TBJ corrects him – this is not a challenge. This is TBY’s reckoning.

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(we’re shaping up for the finale, can’t wait!)

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