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Princess Wei Young 錦綉未央 Ep 52 [RECAP]

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TBY knows that only WY knows the dying wishes of the Emperor, and she angrily tells him that he is a traitor and murderer. The Emperor had passed the throne to TBJ, and she would tell the world that he killed his father.

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But TBY laughs in her face, and brings her family in – Chang Xi, her mother, and her grandmother. TBY slashes Chang Xi, and threatens WY with their lives.

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But the grandmother sees through it, and throws herself on the wall, declaring that their family is willing to bear the consequences. She tells Wei Young to ignore them, and not promise TBY.

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Seeing her mother in pain, WY has no choice but to agree. She does that on the condition that her family will never to harm her family again.

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LMD rushes into their hideaway hut with the Princess, and Jun Tao rushes to find the doctor. The Princess is injured, and passes her bracelet to him. She asks him to always bring it around with him if she dies. But he closes it into her palm, saying that he wants her to wear it everyday.

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The Princess asks for one more kiss, and smiles. But then, she coughs up blood, and passes out.

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TBJ is chained up and beaten in the prison, and TBJ tells him that the Emperor is dead. TBY says that he never killed Emperor or intended to, but it was the Eunuch that killed him.

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TBJ says that the Eunuch is TBY’s person, and roars that TBY is a traitor. TBY says that it is the winner who writes history, and tells TBJ that he is going to marry WY. TBY lies that WY is willingly helping him to the throne, and that she told him that she liked him as well.

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TBJ is furious and knows that he must have threatened WY, but can do nothing.

In court, the officials question TBY on why TBJ is being imprisoned. TBY calls in Chang Le, and as TBJ’s wife, she produces “evidence” that showed TBJ collaborating with the enemies.

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Then, he summons Wei Young, as the officials ask what the Emperor said to her in his dying wish. Holding back tears, she says that the Emperor passed the throne to Wei Young.

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The official is unconvinced, and asks for the Emperor’s seal. Wei Young produces it, and the other officials start to greet TBY as the new Emperor. His guards also pull out their swords, and the officials who are in doubt have no choice to do the same.

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Wei Young broods about TBJ’s safety, and TBY says that if TBJ had never coveted the throne, nothing would have happened. But Wei Young fires back that these are not excuses for everything that he has done, and he brings in her family. Her family is very worried about her, and Chang Xi also apologises for making trouble for her last time.

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Wei Young finds out from her mother that TBJ is being held in the prison for trying to revolt, and WY storms to TBY, demanding an explanation. She wants to reveal the truth, but TBY tells her that whatever she does, no official will help her.

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As she exits the room, Chang Le walks in. Chang Le has something to report to TBY.

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WY’s family is asked to leave the palace, and WY secretly passes a note to her mother. When leaving, the guards demand to search them. WY’s mother is immediately anxious, and seeing that, the grandmother immediately takes the note from the mother. The grandmother confidently passes through the search, and WY’s mother thanks her gratefully. The grandmother nods, saying that they are one family.

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LMD cares for the Princess, saying that he wants to marry her when she wakes up. Although she is unconscious, a tear falls from her eye. The doctor tells Jun Tao that he cannot do anything else for the Princess, and it is only left to fate now.

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Chang Xi arrives at the hut, to pass the note from WY to JT.

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TBY brings WY to see TBJ. Chang Le visits TBJ in prison, and he glares at her for betraying him. Chang Le says that this is the result of him never loving her.

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He rebuts that she knew he was never interested in her, and she orders the guards to start. They blindfold, gag, and plug his ears, and start to spin him around continuously. Chang Le watches, conflicted.

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TBY arrives with WY into the prison, and seeing TBJ being tortured, TBY offers her the proposition that if she marries her, the torture will stop.

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Without having much of a choice, she agrees to the marriage – on three conditions. First, he must prove that Liang never wanted to revolt; second, not to harm her family; third, to let TBJ off. TBY replies that he will agree to it, if she can promise to marry him willingly. (like wth obviously this is under coercion)

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WY finds TBJ in the prison, and feeds him water. She takes off his blindfold, and he cries to see her. TBJ asks if TBY forced her to do anything, and she can only reply that she is happy to see him. She tells him to live on happily.

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TBJ tells her to just let him be, and not to cave to TBY. But with TBY in the background, WY says that yes, she is being threatened with the lives of her family and TBJ, but what else can she do?

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WY tells TBJ that their love is too dangerous for everyone, and asks TBJ to let go of her. TBJ asks her if she remembers everything, and their promises together. She fights back that they have lost, and lost everything. TBY can give everything to her, and tells TBJ that she loves TBY.

WY throws their stones to the floor and tells TBJ to forget their relationship. Incredulous, TBJ can only believe that WY is lying to him.

Back in her own room, WY cries.

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Chang Le visits TBJ again, and he recoils when he sees her. He recoils at her touch, and Chang Le slaps him repeatedly. She asks him how does it feel to be abandoned by their loved ones, and offers wine to TBJ. She throws the wine on TBJ, and TBJ laughs manically, saying that the wine is good.

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Chang Le orders TBJ to be beaten, and watches on with mixed feelings.

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