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Princess Wei Young 錦綉未央 Ep 53 [RECAP]

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We open in court, and official reports that the revolt was not TBJ’s fault, but the fault of his servant, Cheng De. The official reports that Rou also reports that TBY (now the Emperor) had usurped the throne.

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TBY orders Rou not to be spared. TBY orders TBJ to be brought in, and TBJ looks like a crazed prisoner. He cannot seem to recognise anyone, and even thinks that the scrolls are wine bottles. TBY asks how he can release TBJ in such a state, and this is to protect him.

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TBY rewards Chang Le for her work. Wei Young enters, and asks when he can release TBJ, since she had already promised to let TBJ go.

TBY tells WY that TBJ has gone crazy, and what does it matter that he is released now or not?

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TBJ is brought in, and he seems to be mad, pretending that he is swimming, and pretending that his fallen shoe is his sword. TBY steps on TBJ’s foot, and TBJ whines that he is hurting him. TBY doesn’t believe that he is crazy, and feeds him a poison. This drug is familiar to Chang Le, as it’s the Chi Yun family’s secret formula. Without the antidote, the person will die within a month.

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Thinking that it’s candy, TBJ swallows the poison. Even Chang Le is taken aback. TBY seems satisfied.

WY says that she won’t marry someone who doesn’t keep his promise, and so, TBY promises that after the wedding, he will release TBJ and feed him the antidote.

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Chang Le asks Hong Luo about the antidote, and she replies that there is apparently only one antidote. With Chi Yun Nan’s death, there is no one else who knows the antidote.

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WY and TBY watch as TBJ is sent out of the palace, and he seems to have gone mad. Seeing TBJ sent out, WY promises that he will marry him. TBY thinks that TBJ is no longer a threat, since he is about to die.

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Chang Le visits Chang Ru, who is now heavily pregnant. Chang Ru asks if it’s true that WY is about to be queen, and asks Chang Le to help her. Chang Ru insists that TBY will not harm her, the mother of his eldest child.

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Chang Le smirks that she can help Chang Ru, but reminds her that she is already a dead person.

Wei Young has no appetite, but eats a bit after the maid says that she would be punished if WY doesn’t eat. TBY arrives, and WY asks for the grandest wedding possible. TBY agrees to it, and tells her that he will make it the biggest wedding.

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The maid that had served the food to WY turns out to be Hong Luo, who was under the orders of Chang Le to poison the food.

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Chang Ru appears in the palace as a maid, having given birth to a son. Chang Ru promises to repay Chang Le, and CR grows sentimental over the palace. CR says that with TBY in power, she feels most powerful now.

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Chang Le actually has her own plan in place – having poisoned Wei Young, Chang Ru will be the best scapegoat when WY’s poison manifests in a month.

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Chang Ru walks around, insistent on meeting TBY. She is caught by Hong Luo following a group of maids.

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CR pleads for CL to let her see TBY, but is refused. CL orders CR’s imprisonment in the house.

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The wedding is in place, and is indeed quite grand. TBY admires the safety charm that WY had given him in the past, triumphant that he has WY now.

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WY’s carriage enters, and she ascends the steps. (this is quite a beautiful scene, the colours are nice and crisp and the music matches nicely!)

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The officials bow to Wei Young as she enters, and TBY fetches her to the throne. They are about to complete the marriage rites, when TBJ enters.


TBY tries to stop the wedding, and is joined by Cheng De and LMD with their own guards. A bloodbath ensues.

TBY picks up a shield and sword, and a fight between TBJ and TBY begins. TBY is thrown to the floor, and WY kicks his sword away.

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TBY and TBJ charge towards each other, TBJ gains the upper hand.

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TBY laughs that after all, TBJ was really pretending to be crazy. WY walks towards them, and calls for the official’s attention. She reveals the truth, that the Eunuch had killed the Emperor.

The officials question the validity of her words now, and she says that upon the death of the Emperor, he had also told her a secret that only the Emperor knows – that there is a secret passageway in the Grand Chamber, to protect the Emperor from revolt. And this was how they had managed to succeed.

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The eunuch accuses her of lying for her own benefit, but she rightfully argues back that she would be Empress. She wanted to bring justice back. TBJ and WY had conspired together to let TBJ leave the palace by acting mad. TBY reminds them that he is still poisoned.

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Jun Tao arrives to arrest Chang Le, and Chang Ru witnesses this arrest. Chang Le is shocked that there is a secret passageway, and Chang Ru is also taken aback.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 6.03.01 PM.png(this is a royal secret I don’t know why everyone is telling everyone that there is a secret passageway)

Chang Le is brought to the Grand Chamber, and she reveals that Wei Young is also poisoned. TBJ orders Chang Le to be taken away.

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Wei Young is weak and passes out, and pleads for TBY to give TBJ the antidote. TBY tells TBJ to follow him to take the antidote.

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There is only one antidote pill, and TBY knows that they would give each other the last pill. TBJ asks TBY to never tell WY the truth (that there is only one pill).

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Chang Ru runs around, looking for the secret passageway to the Grand Chamber.

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TBY and TBJ return to the Grand Chamber, and TBJ feeds WY the antidote, assuring her that he has already taken the antidote. She takes the antidote, and just then, TBJ collapses.

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