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Princess Wei Young 錦綉未央 Ep 54 (FINAL) [RECAP]

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TBY divulges that there was only one antidote. TBY laughs at their stupidity, and WY cries.

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The eunuch tries to crawl away in the background, and LMD kills him off. In this moment of distraction, Chang Ru enters.

Chang Ru runs straight into Wei Young with a knife, and TBY throws himself in front of her. The sword goes through TBY, and Chang Ru is shell-shocked.

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Chang Ru cannot believe why he would protect Wei Young. TBY says that he lived his life for power, and without power, he is nothing.

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CR asks if she would be his wife, if there was no WY. TBY apologises, and passes on.

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Chang Ru holds him in her arms, and pierces the sword through herself too. She dies, hugging TBY in her arms.

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The imperial doctor examines TBJ, and says that the antidote pill is the only cure. The most that the doctor can do is to suppress the poison, and he will have less than 10 years.

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TBJ smiles at the thought of having 10 years, and asks the doctor and Li Min De to never tell Wei Young. He wants Wei Young to be able to happily enjoy her time with him. LMD tells TBJ not to give up, because he is the only one that can give WY happiness.

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Dressed in Empress’ robes, Wei Young smiles as she prepares for the wedding. She enters the Grand Chamber, all smiles.

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Cheng De cries in happiness, as WY and TBJ take the throne.

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The couple spend the night together, basked in their happiness.

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Li Min De receives word that the Princess’ condition had deteriorated. He rushes over, and the Princess lies unconscious on the bed. He sobs, thinking that she is dead.

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The Princess awakens, and he cries in relief. He promises to marry her. He kisses her, and she counts it as the 100th haha.

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Back in the palace, WY helps TBJ prepare for court. WY goes to visit her family, who have been called into the palace.

TBJ ascends the throne, and the officials bow down to him. TBY’s and CL’s crimes are read out, and puts right the injustices towards his fathers as well.

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WY reunites with her grandmother and mother. She thanks them for their care, and reads out the Emperor (TBJ)’s edict. Both ladies are promoted in rank.

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Chang Le sits alone in an empty and dirty room. TBJ visits her, and she sits up in a dignified manner. She has been demoted to being a maid, and she asks TBJ to kill her instead.

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Chang Le admits to killing TBJ’s mother, recounting her anger when the Tai Zi Fei brought out the dowry for Wei Young (CL’s disguise) to see. TBJ orders the servants to serve her poisoned wine.

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She cries after TBJ, but resolutely downs the wine, saying that she will never be a maid.

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Cheng De sees Jun Tao waiting for him on a bridge, and they are now married! She chides him to walk faster haha.

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TBJ struggles to read and hold items, but in front of Wei Young and their son, he puts on a strong front.

Their son serves him soup, and tells him that he has already learnt how to write. TBJ and WY start to write together, and WY observes that the scrolls around TBJ have been stained by blood.

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TBJ says that her writing is still as bad, and she sobs as she says that she needs him to teach her how to write forever.

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Tuoba Jun is clearly ill, and the imperial doctor says that the poison cannot be controlled anymore. The imperial doctor says that TBJ should have taken the antidote instead, to serve the people. TBJ replies that without WY, the throne is nothing to him. In the background, WY overhears, and tears fall.

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Lying on his side, TBJ reminisces the time that they had together, and the things that he wanted to do with her. WY cries uncontrollably, still hidden.

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TBJ and WY visit the garden, and plant flowers together. TBJ says that her happiness means the most to him. She hung up their lanterns on the tree, and TBJ asks her to play a piece for him.

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TBJ holds WY’s hand as he recites their vows, and she cries silently.

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She plays one hand while he plays another, until his hand drops. Wei Young continues the vow, and holds TBJ close.

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Wei Young enters the Grand Chamber with her son. She looks over the palace, and the officials bow to her son as the Emperor.

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In his voiceover, TBJ entrusts the country and their family to Wei Young. She promises to protect it with her life.

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  1. I wished I found your blog recap earlier. Have watched from episode 11 to 54 without Eng subs and guessed what was going on. Dramafever is like 20 episodes behind and I can’t wait. Thank you for recapping!


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