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Ep 4 Recap – Nirvana in Fire 2: The wind blows in Changlin (琅琊榜之风起长林)

Ep 4 Recap of Nirvana in Fire 2:

Lin Xi and Ping Jing take a boat to the shipwrecked location, and Ping Jing dives in to retrieve evidence. He leaves a silver locket, the betrothal token, on board the boat, and Lin Xi notices it.

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They reconvene with Yuan Qi, and ascertains that the wood retrieved from the shipwreck shows that the ships had been tempered with. They discuss that their only two options are to seek help from nearby prefectures, or wait for the Emperor’s convoy to come. With the enemy near them, the latter is the better option.

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Duan speaks to Leader Qian, sweet talking him into betraying where Magistrate Zhang had hidden the other correspondence with the Capital (Minister Song). Like what Ping Jing had predicted, Magistrate Zhang’s own life is on the line – as a witness and the connection to the capital, Duan would probably kill him soon.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 9.35.57 AM.pngAfter Leader Qian discloses where Magistrate Zhang had hidden the letters, Duan visits Magistrate Zhang, and burns the correspondence with his bare hands (using his internal energy). This show of force scares Magistrate Zhang, and Duan leaves.

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Sister Yun visits the old hut, and she is observed by a man. He reports the activities to Duan, who orders Leader Qian to search the hut immediately. Leader Qian still has loyalty towards Magistrate Zhang, and seeks Duan’s assurance that Magistrate Zhang would not be hurt. But once Leader Qian leaves, Duan orders his men to get rid of Magistrate Zhang.

Ping Jing pays a visit to Magistrate Zhang. Sister Yun observes as an army of men rush down the streets, and seeks assistance from Lin Xi and Yuan Qi.

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Yuan Qi decides to bring his men, even though he knows that they are outnumbered. Magistrate Zhang hears of Ping Jing’s arrival, and remarks that “what’ will come, will come”.

Magistrate Zhang is under attack, and the assassin offers white cloth for him to commit suicide. The cloth is slung around his neck, and just as Magistrate Zhang is about to lose consciousness, Ping Jing saves him.

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Duan’s search of the old hut worries the 4 men in hiding. Yuan Qi arrives, clearly outnumbered, and declares that the old hut is his property – how dare they search a member of the Imperial household? Duan argues that this is not an official asset, and is still subject to search because of a criminal.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.28.28 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.28.45 AM.png

But Yuan Qi shows that he is undeterred, and coolly kills the first soldier that advances upon him. Leader Qian hesitates to attack the prince, and Duan smirks for Leader Qian to act quickly.

At this moment, Lin Xi and Ping Jing arrive with Magistrate Zhang. Duan marks them as bandits abducting the Magistrate, and orders to kill them. Ping Jing reveals his identity, and with Yuan Qi’s status, it is impossible that they are bandits. On the other hand, Duan has no official status. Knowing that this argument is lost, Duan whispers to Leader Qian that this is his last chance for a promotion.

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Leader Qian has clearly converted to the dark side, as he argues for his men to “save” the Magistrate. Just then, backup arrive in the form of General Yuan and General Ji, and unable to kill them, Duan immediately kills off Leader Qian first. Duan escapes, and Ping Jing greets the military men.

Sister Yun asks to follow Lin Xi and Ping Jing back to the Capital, and Magistrate Zhang is escorted under lock and chain. They anticipate that entering the city would be no easy feat.

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At a stopover for the night, Ping Jing checks on Magistrate Zhang, and Lin Xi passes by. Lin Xi and Ping Jing observe that after his first time killing someone, Yuan Qi seems to be feeling down. Ping Jing offers Yuan Qi wine, and Yuan Qi chokes as he recalls the warmth of the blood, hands trembling. Ping Jing comforts him, and Yuan Qi declares that even if he had to do it again, he will help Ping Jing.

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The army set up camp to rest en route their journey. Ping Jing offers Lin Xi  a coat, but is misunderstood by Lin Xi. He complains that he genuinely wanted to help her, and she accepts his coat.

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Ping Jing and Yuan Qi observes Magistrate Zhang, who has been silent all the way. Ping Jing wonders why Duan turned to kill Leader Qian – with his skills, it would be as easy to kill Magistrate Zhang as well. Moreover, without Magistrate Zhang, Leader Qian would be equally useless.

Back in the Capital, the Emperor looks over the Crown Prince’s writing practice. The Emperor chides the Empress for only looking out for the karma of the Crown Prince, and she should look out for the nation as well. She bows, and says that she has made preparations to mourn the Chang Lin army as well.

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As the army trudges along the forest, Ping Jing remarks that the enemy should be making their move soon.

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Back at the Chang Lin manor, Meng Qian Xue, wife of Ping Zhang, cares for him. She notices the worry on Ping Zhang’s face, and asks if he is worried that something will happen on Ping Jing’s journey back. Ping Zhang replies that it is not if something will happen – it is when it will happen.

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