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Nirvana in Fire 2: The wind blows in Changlin (琅琊榜之风起长林) – Ep 32 [RECAP]

Summary of Ep 32 (will update with recap asap!)

Xiao Ting Sheng is happy that Yuan Qi has been learning and developing his skills, and is heartened to hear Ping Jing’s updates from Yuan Qi as well.

Yuan Qi informs Minister Xun of Ping Jing’s achievements, and Minister Xun is doubtful that Ping Jing is capable of raising the army, especially during the period of national mourning (since the Emperor passed away). He expresses his suspicions over Ping Jing’s motives, but him and Empress Dowager Xun decide to still stay in the same team as Xiao Ting Sheng for the time being.

Minister Xun visits Yuan Qi, offering an alliance. To prove his commitment, Yuan Qi passes the confession that Empress Dowager Xun had written for Puyang Ying, leaving Minister Xun shell-shocked.



I came into Nirvana in Fire 2 expecting wit and smart political manoeuvring, along with the sense of satisfaction that our good guys are outwitting the evil ones. It’s true that NIF 2 differs from NIF in that the good guys are in the “open”, while the bad guys are “hidden” (vice versa in Nirvana in Fire), but I was still hoping that there would be clever strategies and triumphant pay-offs. But now it just seems like a kinda usual court/ military/ political drama. And even in that category, it pales in comparison to the pace and layering of other dramas (not just comparing to NIF).

With slightly over 20 episodes left, I still hope that the series turns better! The production quality is great, and I’m always impressed by the cinematography – here’s hoping that they spent as much effort on the story as well 🙂


P.S. Hi please read this on the update of the recaps >< thanks!!


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