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Nirvana in Fire 2: The wind blows in Changlin (琅琊榜之风起长林) – Ep 44 [RECAP]

EP 44 RECAP of Nirvana in Fire 2:

Minister Xun drops hints that the Donghai issue isn’t resolved, and mentions off-handedly that the King relies on him to get the 3 countries back.

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The Aunt talks to An Ru, asking her what is really wrong – she brought An Ru up, and can easily tell that she doesn’t feel well. On the mention of Pei’er, she freezes up. Aunt presses An Ru for details, especially over Pei’er’s death. Commander Xun arrives to welcome An Ru as well. They find out that she’s pregnant, and the Aunt thinks that’s why An Ru said that she “doesn’t know what to do”.

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Yuan Qi asks for Minister Xun for “advice”, and Minister Xun tells Yuan Qi that he thinks that General Yue is quite impulsive, but still capable. Yuan Qi agrees, and promises to assist. A servant signals to Minister Xun, and he acknowledges the sign.

Yuan Qi notices that Minister Xun had received the letter from Ping Jing, and Minister Xun quickly covers up that it is merely greetings for the new year.

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General Yue and Pan infiltrate the Laiyang mansion. They see the many records and scrolls, and are very shocked. Back at the Xun mansion, Minister Xun is taken aback and welcomes General Yue.

Yuan Qi is furious, and says that Minister Xun is starting to suspect him. He Chang says that someone had seen the records, but did not take them away. Troubled, Yuan Qi asks to see Lady Qin.

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Minister Xun tells General Yue that there is indeed something amiss, and General Yue is certain of his resolve to investigate thoroughly. Minister Xun knows that Yuan Qi would be alerted, and wants General Yue to enter the palace with him.

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Lady Qin thanks them for collecting the items, and she has prepared the various martial arts experts. The only person they are uncertain about is Commander Xun. (i think people are going to be assassinated, I hope commander xun protects Minister Xun!!)

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The next morning, Minister Xun comes across Commander Xun as he is leaving for court. Commander Xun (okay he’s technically just Fei Zhan now, but i’m just going to keep addressing him as Commander Xun) says that he wants to go out of the city to visit Ping Zhang.

Minister Xun sighs that he has been thinking of many things of the past, and asks him to give his regards to Ping Zhang also. He tells Commander Xun to hurry, and he will be guarded by the imperial guards. Before leaving, Minister Xun tells him to come home early to eat dumplings.

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He Chang observes Commander Xun leaving the capital. Clutching Ping Jing’s letter, Minister Xun is escorted to the palace. His carriage comes under attack, and Yuan Qi observes from an inn. Minister Xun sits resolutely in his carriage.

General Yue waits for Minister Xun, and they wonder if something has happened. Lady Qin goes in for the kill, and grabs the letter. General Yue is too late, and Minister Xun can only eke out “Chang Lin prince” before he dies.

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An Ru faints – she has heard that it is Dong Hai’s assassins, and is furious at Yuan Qi. Commander Xun prepares Minister Xun’s rites, and promises to avenge him.

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Back in the palace, the King is terrified and goes to Empress Dowager Xun. She is shocked as well. In the Laiyang mansion, Yuan Qi trembles as the imperial doctor leaves. An Ru has miscarried.

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General Yue observes that with Minister Xun’s death, it becomes harder to investigate Yuan Qi. And they don’t know who to trust.

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Yuan Qi says that there is karma (for the death of Minister Xun, there is the death of his child). Lady Qin assures him that her presence will not be detected. He tells Lady Qin to relay that they will not meet again.

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Empress Dowager Xun has no appetite, since the assassin hasn’t been caught. The King says that he has assigned Yuan Qi to activate the imperial army to search.

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Commander Xun leaves An Ru in Yuan Qi’s care, and they bid each other farewell. General Yue and Pan observes from a corner, and wonder if they can trust Commander Xun.

General Yue knows that the only reason that Yuan Qi can so easily allow Commander Xun to start a search for the assassin (Lady Qin) is because he is sure that she is safely guarded.

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Yuan Qi gets Ping Jing’s letter, and says that Minister Xun had never even considered him to be a threat. Yuan Qi is glad not to be under Minister Xun’s control, and when he gets to the height of power like the Chang Lin mansion, he will ensure that he will not end up like them.

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While I saw Minister Xun’s death coming, it was still so sad. I don’t know why he didn’t see it coming though. He knew that Yuan Qi was alerted, and I was half-expecting a fake-out (like he was in another carriage, or something). It’s pretty convenient for him to be out of the way, so General Yue will go and find Ping Jing and PJ will rush back for Justice and The Country.

But yeah, Minister Xun is obviously a father figure for An Ru and Commander Xun. While he was very very wrong about his judgment of the Chang Lin mansion, he is still extremely loyal to the country and genuinely wants to help the King. Now, there is no one left that the King can rely on. (and thus, PJ will return.)

Also, about Lin Xi and Ping Jing – it ain’t that interesting, is it?


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