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Nirvana in Fire 2: The wind blows in Changlin (琅琊榜之风起长林) – Ep 46 [RECAP]

Ep 46 Recap of Nirvana in Fire 2:

Di Ming and Yuan Qi meet, and they decide that their best timing would be the Spring Hunt. However, Empress Dowager Xun reminisces the past with Minister Xun, and wants to cancel the Spring Hunt. When the King instructs to cancel the Spring Hunt in court, Yuan Qi and Di Ming are immediately anxious.

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General Yue observes Yuan Qi exiting the court in a hurry to speak to Di Ming.

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Yuan Qi pays a visit to Empress Dowager Xun, and also assures her that An Ru is well taken care of. Unable to change the King or Empress Dowager Xun’s minds, Yuan Qi decides that he would need to take action in the capital. They do not have much time left, because Lord Moqi will start investigating about the death of Lady Qin.

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General Yue consults the maps, and realises that as long as the external army is strong enough, then there is a very high possibility that the King will be in danger. He recalls Minister Xun’s parting words, and orders General Pan to seek help from Langya Hall.

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Yuan Qi passes a list of his supporters to Di Ming, and the latter asks what to do with the other ministers. Yuan Qi says that they can be gotten rid off – a new court needs to start on a clean slate.

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Ping Jing is initially reluctant to return to the Capital. However, with information about the situation from Commander Xun, Ping Jing believes that Yuan Qi has betrayed the country by colluding with Lord Moqi. Commander Xun is initially disbelieving, but thinking about the actions of Minister Xun before his death (inviting Yuan Qi and An Ru to his manor), he slowly realises it as well.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 12.04.37 AM.png

General Pan gets out of the capital to journey to Langya mountain, but chances upon an army gathering right outside the capital.

As the heir of the Chang Lin manor, Ping Jing feels a responsibility to prevent further damage. Qian Xue joins Ping Jing before the altar of his father and brother, and she supports whatever decision he makes. He shares that he is so unwilling to leave, because his father had instructed him to take good care of Qian Xue and her son.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 12.08.21 AM.png

But Qian Xue advises him to follow his heart, and Lin Xi had already told Qian Xue that she would frequently visit them. Moving to the pavilion, Lin Xi assures Ping Jing that she will always be waiting for him, but she will continue on her journey as well. Even if they do not meet in the end, he must take good care of himself.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 12.10.53 AM.png

Ping Jing leaves Langya mountain with Commander Xun. Lin Jiu passes him a bracelet from Lin Chen – the owner of the bracelet had never lost a battle, and he hopes that it takes care of him as well.

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General Pan runs back to the capital, and reports what he had seen to General Yue. General Yue rushes to report the matter to the minister, who is taken aback by his accusations. The minister doesn’t believe him, and walks off angrily.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 12.14.20 AM.png

He Chang gathers military personnel, and General Yue witnesses him assassinating members of the imperial guard. Yuan Qi dons his armour. The capital’s gates open and after lots of military persons enter, He Change closes the doors.

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General Yue tells his men that they can leave, and try to live normal lives. General Pan can see that General Yue has plans to try to save the King while freeing his men, and his men are adamant on following him. General Yue refuses to let them, because of the sheer military power they are against.

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General Yue is touched by his mens’ resolution to follow him, and they rally together.

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NOTE: Sorry for the poor resolution of the screens caps, couldn’t get a better one – maybe will just write the other recaps with much less pictures, the low quality annoys me haha


5 thoughts on “Nirvana in Fire 2: The wind blows in Changlin (琅琊榜之风起长林) – Ep 46 [RECAP]

  1. Thank you so much for all of your recaps!! Have greatly enjoyed reading them. In fact sometimes more so than watching the actual eps!


  2. Thanks so much for the recap. I can’t wait for the english subtitles … What was the note in Ping Jing’s hand when he was at the altar?


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