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Nirvana in Fire 2: The wind blows in Changlin (琅琊榜之风起长林) – Ep 48 [RECAP]

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Ep 48 Recap of Nirvana in Fire 2:

Ping Jing and his troops advance towards the Capital. He strategises to stop right after they break the first defence, to scare Yuan Qi but also to give Yuan Qi room to negotiate. General Yue knows that there is nothing much else he can do, besides wait for help.

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The young King sits at his throne, with Yuan Qi and Di Ming staring down at him. The court ministers that have sided with Yuan Qi submit papers to “advise” the King to step down.

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The King is forced to issue an edict that gives power to Yuan Qi – but right before Yuan Qi accepts it, a general rushes in to report that the Chang Lin army is on the way. Yuan Qi is furious when he finds out that Ping Jing is coming, and confines the King and all the ministers.

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General Yue receives news that Yuan Qi has fortified the walls – meaning that the Chang Lin army is arriving. Di Ming says that as a general of Great Liang, he never expected the day that he will have to fight with Chang Lin’s army.

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The King is dragged away, along with his young brothers and siblings.

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Di Ming asks for permission to battle, and Ping Jing shoots a letter to Yuan Qi. More troops join the Chang Lin army, and Yuan Qi is in disbelief. Ping Jing’s letter gives Yuan Qi 3 days to negotiate. Yuan Qi knows that as long as they have the King, Ping Jing cannot do anything. He is determined to eliminate Ping Jing.

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General Yue leads his men into the city gates, disguised as imperial guards. Before they help him descend the wall out of the Capital, General Pan wishes General Yue well.

Ping Jing observes that they cannot act rashly, as long as the King is still hostage to Yuan Qi.  Ping Jing plans to try to help the King escape within the 3 days, and this strategy is also predicted by Yuan Qi.

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General Yue reports to Ping Jing, and hands him the imperial seal that the King had entrusted.

Commander Xun and Ping Jing plan on entering the palace, but Commander Xun knows that it is impossible to bring the King out of the Capital, only for Ping Jing to reply that they do not even need to bring him out.

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Yuan Qi forces the King to drink with him. When the King flinches at his wound, Yuan Qi remarks that the King never suffered before, and that he can kill him anytime. He reveals to the King that they are surrounded by his army, and he will personally supervise the King, in anticipation that Ping Jing will save the King.

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Ping Jing asks General Yue for details on Di Ming’s strategies, and entrusts the attack on the capital when Ping Jing and Commander Xun try to save the King.

Seeing the strength (in both physical and spirit) of Chang Lin, the rebel troops also start to waver. They are caught by He Chang. When Di Ming arrives at the scene, he seems to be sympathetic towards them – but just then, Yuan Qi arrives, and orders for none of them to be spared. Di Ming looks at them forlornly as they beg for mercy.

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General Yue solemnly accepts Ping Jing’s order, but shares with Commander Xun that he worries for Ping Jing to go into the palace, because of Chang Lin’s status. Yuan Qi will not spare anyone.

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Dressed in black, Ping Jing and Commander Xun sneak into the palace under the cover of the night.

Yuan Qi tells An Ru that anything she has heard are merely unfounded rumours, and orders her maid to report anyone who tells lies. An Ru stays silent, refusing to even look at Yuan Qi.

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Ping Jing and Commander Xun have a close shave on top of the roofs!!

Di Ming tells Yuan Qi to rest, but Yuan Qi refuses. He (rightly) believes that Ping Jing will be coming tonight, and the King sleeps soundly.

When Yuan Qi leaves, An Ru asks the maid to take her belongings to her. She takes out the hairpin that Empress Dowager Xun gave her as dowry, and holds it to her neck. She climbs to the top of the pavilion, and the servants hurriedly call Yuan Qi.

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Trying to convince An Ru to come down, Yuan Qi says that they are so near. She replies that dying is much easier for her, and laughs at Yuan Qi’s promise that he will bring her away. Di Ming looks on at the exchange, and slips away determinedly to the throne room.

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An Ru tells Yuan Qi that she has never wanted to betray the country, and that she rather die as an innocent person (i.e. before they are arrested). She jumps, and Yuan Qi cries out after her.

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